• Alliance for Open ChatBot

    The alliance is a working group whose ambition is to lead the development of

    open source chatbot interface.

    Our goal is to interconnect chatbots to make them more effective and relevant.

  • Why an Alliance?

    Chatbots sparked keen interest among companies - so much so that they are increasingly adopted by them. To meet this demand, there are multiple vendors that provide chatbot solutions.


    This plurality of solutions creates a heterogeneous ecosystem where each chatbot is often developed with different technologies to address very specific needs. However, this heterogeneity also often leads to the emergence of several projects within the same company, requiring the implementation of several chatbots, each supported by different technologies and vendors.

    From the user experience perspective, this multiplication of chatbots is not satisfactory. A user does not have to know if his question concerns this or that chatbot, he just wants to get an answer!

  • Objectives of the Alliance

    We want to invent an open and collaborative standard of communication among chatbots.


    This standard will be able to orchestrate several chatbots to answer users' questions. The goal is to provide an open source alternative to designers and integrators of these solutions.


  • Missions

    Create a Standard

    The main objective of this association is to offer an interface standard and the development of a MetaBot. This MetaBot will be able to orchestrate several chatbots to answer users' questions.


    By combining our skills and expertise, and by keeping the best ideas, we will provide a durable and strong solution.

    Develop Open Source Code

    Our open-source approach will allow the market to quickly adopt the solution and continuously improve it according to the needs of the market.


    All contributors are committed to making their work open source.​

    Share Best Practices

    Collaboration is the key to a strong solution. This alliance is an opportunity to share best practices.


    By federating this ecosystem, the alliance will provide a cutting-edge bot technology and a better user experience​.

  • Members

    This initiative is driven by the leading players of the chatbot ecosystem.

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